If you are looking for a mobile POS point of sales system, then you must take Shopify POS. The popular e-commerce company from Canada has designed an iPad-based POS system that allows individuals and organizations to sell online and in-store easily. Shopify POS is here to deliver the same efficient online store management methods found on their e-commerce platform. This means that merchants can manage every aspect of their business operation from one place without any hassles. So, what exactly can one expect from Shopify POS?

To start with, you can accept credit and debit card payments with the help of the special Shopify card reader integrated into the system. Shopify guarantees that this reader is secure. They have specific and reasonable credit card rates regardless of the number of items you sell. The so-called swipe reader accepts every magnetic stripe card including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Shopify POS provides smooth integration which makes it easier for retailers to sell their products. They can accept payments on iPad and their device will automatically update orders, inventory and important customer data.

If you are planning on using Shopify POS system for in-person sales, you will also get an online store for free. Keep in mind that by being present online you can expand your targeted audience. This means that people from every corner of the world can become your customers. So, Shopify POS lets users accept payments over the Internet and in-person. It also makes the operations simpler because the inventory is centralized and easily accessible. Additionally, it’s easy to sell online and refund in-person or to sell in-person and ship to home with this mobile POS.

One of the reasons why more and more people are turning to Shopify POS as one of the most efficient iPad POS system solutions is the fact that Shopify POS comes with so many useful features. We have already mentioned some of them, but it would be best if we add few more in this article. For example, did you know that Shopify POS gives you an opportunity to text or email clients their receipts? With Shopify POS, it’s much easier to apply customizable taxes or discounts. Users can also accept almost every type of payment. Once again, it’s worth mentioning that you will also manage and track inventory on different channels easily.

Give this mobile POS system a try today and feel the difference.

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